Building mobile banking 2.0. Together.

  • Cloud based, 24/7 online

  • Variety of modules to select

  • Quick and flexible integration

All banks and new financial players know the same thing:

  • Young people are looking for a new banking experience
  • Mobile is the primary banking channel for them
  • “Time to market” is the name of the game

Our value proposition for banks:

Modern user experience in mobile for specific segment that is built within months

  • Smart and intuitive mobile bank for a specific target segment (e.g. Millennials, Families)
  • Short time to market and agile development process
  • Market leading IT development and maintenance cost
  • Mobile specific know-how (online onboarding, anti-fraud, compliance etc.)
  • Compatibility with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

Our value proposition for newcomers and non-banks:

Start banking business quickly and with low costs:

  • Smart and intuitive mobile bank
  • Well-functioning infrastructure and team
  • Cloud-based modern and easily scalable banking core system
  • Market leading cost per account
  • Short time to market with lean development process
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Pocopay core

The core system

Our platform is made with scalability in mind and the architecture supports growth in both, the application and data storage layers. We value high quality code and automated processes that enable us to release new functionalities fast. We host our systems in the cloud, which makes maintaining and deploying new infrastructure quick.

Our platform has ready API-s for developing new client applications on top of our core.