Pocopay is the best mobile app in design and security in Estonia 2016!

Best Estonian Mobile Application 2016 competition: Pocopay has won in Best Mobile App Design and Best Mobile App Security categories.

We are sincerely happy about the rewards, as design and security are our core strengths. Pocopay’s user interface is unique being interactive and intuitive for all ages. The user can pay, request or save money with just one swipe. We offer rather a Facebook than a banking experience, as interactions are based on a person’s contacts (emails or phone numbers), not banking requisites.

As a financial institution compliant with all required security rules, we report and are approved by the financial authorities. Security is at the core of all features: for example, any money transfer can only take place if user identity is verified. Additionally, users can manage all security settings of their Pocopay account directly from the mobile app – for example, they can easily manage debit card limits, block or unblock the card or switch off contactless payments at any time. Of course, there are many other security features in the app.

Pocopay is a financial institution. We have re-designed the way people are managing their daily money matters. Money on Pocopay account has a shape, color, it communicates to the owner and moves at the speed of light.

Why not try Pocopay for yourself?