Pocopay and Digital Revolution in Fintech

We are bankers who believe that people don’t necessarily need banks but people still need banking. We are also designers and engineers who believe that there is no excuse for complicating everyday things with an out-dated design. Bringing together the old and the new, inspiration from the young and lessons from experienced bankers, we have built Pocopay.

We are proud to go live today in three countries: Estonia, Spain and the Netherlands.

We made it really modern, simple and safe. You should try it out yourself but here are also some of the features we are especially proud of:

With Pocopay you can tap and swipe to make transactions happen, you can split your bills, you can request money using email and simple QR codes.

Transactions between Pocopay users take no time at all. So, if you are using Pocopay in Spain today, you can send money to a Pocopay user in Netherlands or Estonia in an instant. There are no transaction costs, and indeed, the only cost is a monthly fee of 2.90 that is the same for all users, no matter how much you use it.

Pocopay is not just an app. Our users get a real current account with an IBAN, but how they relate to it is different from the start.

Pocopay is a real current account and with one tap you can order our MasterCard contactless debit card to pay worldwide or online. Your money has to be safe, but safe does not have to be complicated.

Our team of 50 will make sure of that. Stay tuned and enjoy using Pocopay!

Indrek Neivelt